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The Pico Macom Tru-Spec DC4G-16 is guaranteed to pass 0-1000 Hz frequencies.
Holland Electronics model DCG4-16 and Pico Macom Tru-Spec DC4G-16 Directional Couplers use standard coaxial cable F connections for all input, output, and television cable termination.connections.
These Directional Couplers perform a similar function to a four output splitter but are the choice for professional cable distribution systems.

A Directional Coupler has both an input and an output connection in addition to the taps.
Holland and Tru-Spec directional couplers with different attenuation values are available in other Mongol Hordes listings. -8 (db), -12 (db), -16 (db), and -24 (db) attenuated Directional Couplers are available.

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