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An antenna amplifier can help you strengthen your TV signal. Enjoy a more powerful antenna signal with the right equipment. Get this coax signal booster to complete your antenna assembly. See how to get better signal now.

  • Available in 950-2150MHz for Satellite only applications, or 40-2150MHz for Satellite and Terrestrial applications
  • 16-20dB sloped versions compensate for loss on long cable runs
  • DC-Line Powered Requirements 12-18VDC 45mA
  • DC Pass-Thru Current 500mA maximum for LNB Powering
  • Output Level 105dBuV Maximum
  • Low Noise 4-5dB
  • Input Return Loss 6dB
  • Impedance 75 Ohms
  • Frequency 40-2150
  • High Performance SMD Board Circuitry
  • Precision Machined F Connector Threads
  • Soldered back-cover plate ensures high isolation >120dB
  • Nickel Plated Zinc- Alloy Die-Cast Housing

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Brand Pico Macom
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