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Axing 4-way Satellite Splitter 5-2400 MHz 8db
Axing SVE 4-way Cable/Satellite Splitter 4-Way Sat-Splitter Dc-DurchlaB 5-2400 MHz 8db ..
Axing SVE-8 Splitter 8-Way Band 5-2400MHz
Axing SVE-8 8-way SAT-Distributor 5-2400MHz ..
Centronics 2-Way Mini Splitter 5-900MHz T Type
Centronics 2-Way Mini Splitter 5-900Mhz T Type ..
Centronics RJ12 6P6C Fem/Fem Inline Coupler Telephone Splitter
  Brand/ Manufacturer: Centronics Plug type: RK12 Form factor: Splitter Plating: 50 micron ..
Centronics STV-48E Splitter 40-2500MHz
Centronics STV-48E Power pass 950-2500/40-862MHz Combiner 40-2500MHz ..
Channel Master 5224-IFD 5224IFD Dual Satellite Headend Amp/LNB Power Supply
5224IFD is dual polarization headend LNB amplifier with an LNB powering 117 VAC power supply. This u..
Giantex DC-1204 2-Way Splitter 5-2000 MHz Low-Loss
5-2000 MHz low-loss two-way splitter Diode isolation, Splits one LNB cable to two receivers. ..
Holland HSU-3 Coax Cable Splitter 5-900MHz
The HSU splitter series has been manufactured to the highest performance standards in its class, usi..
Holland STVC 5-2050 MHz Splitter
Holland Electronics Corp. STVC DC Pass 5-2050MHz ..
MCR-EDIP-1 DirecTV Splitter Antenna Signal 950-3000MHz
Low Insertion Loss & High isolation design allows off-air and satellite to be fed on a single co..
NAS 5-2150 MHz 4 Way Splitter, Solid Back
Diode protected circuitry allows DC power to pass from any output port to the input port and preve..
NAS SS02-02 2-Way Splitter F Type 5-1000MHz
2 way splitter RF shield zinc die cast housing with nickel-plated All ports F connector 75 OhmA ..
NAS SS4208AP 8 Way Wide Band Splitter 5-2250Mhz
NAS 8 way wideband splitter suitable for TV, Cable Freeview DAB FM VHF UHF. This splitter works wit..
NAS T02-224 2 Way Tap Splitter 4-2050MHz
NAS T02-224 Splitter for Cable or Satellite TV Installation 2 Way Tap 4-2050MHz T02-224 24dB ..
NAS T09-106 1 Way Tap Splitter
Nas T09-106 1 Way Tap 5-1000MHz T09-106 6dB TAP ..
Phoenix HFS-2P 2-Way High Frequency 400-2050MHz Splitter
Heavy duty diecast case Low thru-loss HFS-2P pass power to all ports High Frequency 400-2050MHz..
PICO MACOM TRU SPEC DC4G-16 Multi-Tap 16 dB Directional Coupler
The Pico Macom Tru-Spec DC4G-16 is guaranteed to pass 0-1000 Hz frequencies.Holland Electronics mode..
Qintar HFS-4P High Frequency Splitter 4 OUT 900-2050MHz
Heavy duty diecast case Low thru-loss HFS-4P pass power to all ports 900-2050 MHz 9.0 dB max...
Regal GRS2DGH Digital Cable TV 2 way Splitter
Regal GRS2DGH Splitter 5-1000 MHz 110dB EMI Isolation 2-Way Splitter ..
RJ11 Modular Plug 1000 pcs MP6P4C
Telephone modular plug 6P4C, Gold plated 15u..
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